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Support for the Psychospiritual Journey

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About PsychoSpiritual Work

Psychospiritual work involves addressing both the psyche and the spirit. It helps us understand how we relate to and participate in the material world and the realm of the sacred. Walking a spiritual path challenges us to be authentic, to be here and now, to acknowledge the relationship between the inner and the outer, between good and evil, between darkness and light. We are guided to the unity that is beyond these dualities and yet holds them both. It is taking action in the world in authentic, embodied, and intentional ways works to dissolve inner tension. Psychospiritual work is the work of becoming yourself.

Wellness Coach

About Transpersonal Breathwork

Breathwork is a tool that can support psychospiritual transformation. It utilizes the breath, emotionally evocative music, and mandala creation within an intentionally created sacred space. The breather accesses altered states of consciousness for the purposes of change, healing, and transformation.  Trusting in, and surrendering to, the inner process are vital to Breathwork and Integration.

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About Integration

Powerful messages, insights, and deep wisdom can be gifts from experiencing expanded states of consciousness, whether one accesses those states spontaneously, or intentionally via such methods as Breathwork, prayer, meditation, substances, or other methods. With proper support, attention to mindset and environmental setting, and integration, one can bring that wisdom into their life to promote change, healing, and transformation. Integration may involve clearing space inside the self to accommodate the new insights - or a letting go of how we experience ourselves and subsequent growth into this larger reality. 


Chris Walter, M.A., LPC

Certified Breathworker

As a child I had a dream that never left me.

Or maybe I should say I never left it.  


Therapy Office

Individual Sessions

1-on-1 Psychospiritual therapy

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Breathwork Training

International group training by Dr. Judith Miller with my support


“Chris offers various lenses in his practice, that is how I would describe his approach. The spiritual perspective relates to the real world in practical ways that provide meaning. I wasn’t happy with the limitations of the CBT approach and felt that Chris met me in various worlds I inhabit - Peak Experience, Psychedelic, Transpersonal, Sexuality, Integral. In general I don’t think that modern psychotherapy has much room for the Numinous but Chris feels very at home in this space while anchoring to reality in a way that reveals one’s value and purpose.”

Matt Jauregui


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