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As a child, I had a dream that never left me. Or maybe I should say I never left it.


Though unable to put this desire into words at such a young age, the energy of that dream – that calling - compelled me to look within, to follow what was there, and to live in the world according to its message. Turning within felt easy: comfortable, creative, familiar, warm, nurturing; this was always where the message was most potent, most alive. It was the outer world that proved more difficult to engage.

As years passed certain subjects of human exploration drew me in: nature, the cosmos, God, religion and mysticism, sexuality, psychology and consciousness, trauma and sacred wounding, dreams, psychedelics, meditation.  I explored many of these during my time at University and earned a B.S. in Psychology. Upon graduation I began working in the field of counseling and psychology.

During the next 3 decades I would find myself immersed in the experiential study of psychology and consciousness (including expanded states of consciousness), human sexuality, marital arts, shamanism, meditation, Tarot, trauma, and Holotropic Breathwork. Earning my Master’s in Counseling from Arcadia University in 2001 led to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA in 2006. I opened a private psychotherapy practice in 2008. During this time, I worked at various agencies offering counseling services and supervision.


The power of my first experience in Holotropic Breathwork 20 years ago left me awestruck. Having suffered from motor tics since childhood, this Breathwork experience freed me of the compulsion to tic. Though my tics returned – I was yet a novice to the rigors of and need for integration – entering non-ordinary states of consciousness through Breathwork and other means became my passion. In 2011, I completed a 3-year international training in Transpersonal Psychology, Breathwork, and Spiritual Guidance in Schwarzwald, Germany. After 20 years of Breathwork, altered state work, and integration, my tics are almost non-existent – something traditional pharmaceuticals had not come close to doing. 
Presently I work at a small university and in my private practice. I specialize in spiritual emergence, sexuality, trauma and sacred wounding, and support clients in deepening their inner processes and transforming consciousness through Breathwork, psychospiritual counseling, and integration therapy. 

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