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Regardless of how one enters expanded consciousness, such experiences seem to hold the power for hope, healing, and transformation. I believe these expanded states amplify and illuminate deep parts of the self - wounding, shadow, light - as well as reality. Trust and surrender before, during, and after the experience are important for full integration and transformation. While some are able to immediately embody and express this inner wisdom in their daily lives, most seem to need a level of support and guidance to do this effectively.

Proper support allows the opportunity to integrate the lesson(s) into one's life. Integration work may involve clearing space inside to accommodate new insights, letting go of ego boundaries for growth into a larger self, or confronting parts of the self with which we may struggle such as sexuality, achievement, trauma, or love. Such wisdom becomes further integrated with embodied action in the world. 

It is my belief that the benefits of an experience of expanded consciousness are realized most fully when:

  • The personal, cultural, relational, and spiritual contexts of the experience are honored

  • There is a clear understanding of intention, mindset, and environment in which the experience happened

  • Efforts are made to fully explore all dimensions of the experience, even ones that reflect traumatic events, relational wounding, or shadow elements

  • Efforts are made to understand how the experience relates to all levels of the human experience, including but not limited to the spiritual, psychological, biographical, environmental, communal, and karmic

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Please Note: ​I do not recommend that clients take psychedelic substances. I do not provide substances, nor do I sit for those taking substances. I also do not recommend to clients any venues for obtaining or using psychedelics, nor partner with them in doing so.

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