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Transpersonal Breathwork

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Breathwork utilizes the breath, evocative music, and mandala creation within an intentionally created sacred, community space. Each of these elements supports the breather's access to expanded states of consciousness for the purposes of exploration, change, healing, and transformation. As well, this journey is supported by bodywork if desired and needed.

Afterward, breathers come together to share, understand, and integrate their experiences. Without sharing and integration, the experience remains just that - an experience, perhaps interesting, unsettling, evocative, or challenging - but simply an experience. Trust in and surrender to this process are critical for transformation and healing.

I see Breathwork as a purification process, one of many modalities that allow access to expanded states of consciousness. What arises during Breathwork is guided by the inner healer that is beyond rational consciousness: an inner wisdom that is sometimes clear, sometimes cloaked in symbolism. Experiences span the range of human consciousness - biographical, trauma & wounding, ecstatic, shamanic, cosmic, birth, death, and rebirth, light and dark. Deciphering, integrating, and living the message is critical for healing, growth, transformation.

In Breathwork, you always get what you need - and never more than you can handle. It has been my path for more than 20 years.

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Transpersonal Breathwork appears most effective when done in person, in a group setting. The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered such small intimate gatherings unsafe. Safety and ethical considerations are paramount at this time. Because of this, all offerings of Breath workshops are temporarily on hold.

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